About us

Palace of the counts of Jarosa, Centre for Slavic Cultures

Who are we?

The Centre for Slavic Cultures is a non-profit organization of the University of Granada.

What are our goals?

We strive  to

  • Encourage the study of Slavic and Eastern European languages in Spain (Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian...)
  • Spread knowledge on Slavic and Eastern European history, traditions, culture and science
  • Stimulate and support collaboration between the University of Granada and higher education institutions in the Slavic world
  • Promote studies of Russian culture and language in Spain
  • Support the Eastern European communities living in Granada in keeping in touch with their language and culture

What do we offer?

  • Russian language courses for all levels
  • Preparation for Russian certification exams (TORFL)
  • Conferences, literary discussions, themed evenings for all audiences, academic seminars and roundtable discussions, festivals and celebrations dedicated to Eastern languages and cultures, exhibitions, musical evenings and more
  • Loan and consultation of books and other materials in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and other Eastern European languages
  • Information on opportunities for cultural, lecturing and research exchanges and collaboration with Eastern European countries for the University of Granada community